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When you come to PICKPOL INTERNATIONAL PROJECT CONSTRUCTION SOLUTIONS, you will learn about the most current and next generation building technologies. interior design and construction management are thoroughly. Professional Building Trades programs. You will learn about how buildings are designed and how they go together in the real world. You will also learn about emerging technologies like automated construction methodologies, artificial intelligence, and advanced building materials.

PICKPOL Financial Services

Pickpol Financial – A Global Trade Finance & Investment Firm is one of the leaders in providing innovative and structured international trade finance solutions aimed at accelerating your international trade flows, mitigating risks associated with overseas trade, better cash flow, and achieving business goals. We offer trade finance services including standby letters of credit and Bank guarantee from our Head Office in Bolivia and Representative Offices in Chile, US,UK, UAE, Hongkong and Singapore, we aim to provide a whole new global finance assistance experience to clients in the industry with the facility of choosing the most appropriate options as per their requirements. Our experienced team of financial experts & business professionals covers a range of global trade finance solutions & services for corporates across Europe, the Americas and Asia-Pacific.

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